Hi there, my name is Becky, and I am the creator and founder of the lifestyle brand Charmingly Brunette. 

I created this brand from the French concept of "savoir-vivre", which tells us to live life elegantly through intelligent enjoyments. Whatever you happen to find as your intelligent enjoyments, I encourage you to pursue them and take risks, since you never know where it may lead you.

Charmingly Brunette advocates being your authentic self, and remaining a non-conformist since you are uniquely YOU!

We pride ourselves in being a business that draws upon our "intelligent enjoyments", to create products that you will love. Whether I am busy writing (yes! with my notebook in hand), immersing myself in a new book, or sketching new jewelry, I get inspired for my collections by characters I've read about or stories I have written. 

I hope you enjoy wearing these pieces, as much as I enjoyed designing them. When you purchase one of our products, let it remind you of what you would like to achieve, and what you have yet to accomplish in life.