Luxe Moissanite Main Character Ring

$99.99 USD
על ידי Charmingly Brunette

Elevate your style with this mesmerizing Luxe Moissanite Main Character Ring! Its celestial beauty features a 14K Filled Moissanite that radiates the silvery white diamond light, combined with the dreamy color light of moissanite. A perfect addition to your jewelry collection, its stunning design is sure to make heads turn and feel like a "tear of angels"! Plus, the hypoallergenic and tarnish-free material ensures it is safe for your sensitive skin and shower-safe.

  • 1.6mm band, moissanite size 3mm
  • Material is 14K gold filled 
  • comes as 1 piece 
  • safe for sensitive skin and shower safe
  • nickel free 
  • tarnish free 
  • hypoallergenic